False Dichotomy: Faith vs Reason

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Introduction Anecdotally considering the meaning of faith, one recognizes the prevalent misconceptions that faith is either an epistemological category—where one receives divine knowledge, which is often contrary to human logic—or represents a fundamental lack of knowledge, resulting in blind adherence … Continued

Anti-intellectualism: A Negative Aspect of the Great Awakenings

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Unfortunately, many contemporary Americans regard faith as opposed to reason, choosing to believe that Christianity requires blind adherence to unfounded religious fairytales, rather than a calculated acceptance of reasonable proposition and historical events. Although competing worldviews may require and/or encourage … Continued

Visual Impairment: A Critique of Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes

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Introduction Permeating the cultural landscape of America, postmodernism has managed to infiltrate the church, promoting a privatized spirituality, while simultaneously placing great emphasis on personal experience. Accordingly, the average Christian remains unfamiliar with sound hermeneutical methodologies, preferring to embrace a … Continued

Something from Nothing? Analyzing Stephen Hawking’s Argument against God

Recently, the scientific community began mourning the loss of Dr. Stephen Hawking, a brilliant man who made countless contributions to the area of cosmology and theoretical physics. Following his death, the Hawking estate published his final work Brief Answers to … Continued

Immersed in Christ: Examining the Role of Baptism in the New Testament

Introduction Within Christian circles, confusion often arises over the purpose, mode, and practice of baptism, often materializing in impassioned disagreement regarding infant baptism. Analyzing the longstanding debate between paedobaptists and credobaptists against the backdrop of Scripture, it becomes evident that … Continued