Fragile Logic: Examining White Fragility (Part 3)

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DiAngelo’s Broader Agenda: Division Not Unification It is strange how easily almost any Socialist writer can lash himself into frenzies of rage against the class to which, by birth or by adoption, he himself invariably belongs. —George Orwell, The Road … Continued

Fragile Logic: Examining White Fragility (Part 2)

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Establishing Race as the Epitome of an Individual’s Identity Considering the classic definition of racism, the logical first step in eradicating racial discrimination is to reaffirm the inherent value of all people, while simultaneously distancing ourselves from superficial differentiations—such as … Continued

Fragile Logic: Examining White Fragility (Part 1)

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Introduction Continuous protests and rioting across the nation have prompted many to reconsider the foundations of American civilization while examining interracial relations among the American populace. Unfortunately, mainstream media outlets and political activists appear to be exacerbating racial tensions, encouraging … Continued

False Dichotomy: Faith vs Reason

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Introduction Anecdotally considering the meaning of faith, one recognizes the prevalent misconceptions that faith is either an epistemological category—where one receives divine knowledge, which is often contrary to human logic—or represents a fundamental lack of knowledge, resulting in blind adherence … Continued

Anti-intellectualism: A Negative Aspect of the Great Awakenings

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Unfortunately, many contemporary Americans regard faith as opposed to reason, choosing to believe that Christianity requires blind adherence to unfounded religious fairytales, rather than a calculated acceptance of reasonable proposition and historical events. Although competing worldviews may require and/or encourage … Continued