Resurrection Under Attack: Refuting the Swoon Theory

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Introduction Unique among the religions of the world, Christianity boldly attributes its underpinning to a historical event—the resurrection of Jesus—rather than unsubstantiated acceptance. In an early letter written to Christians in Corinth, the apostle Paul ostensibly encourages cross-examination, challenging recipients … Continued

Is it Rational to Believe in God?

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Introduction American media outlets propagate the notion that belief in God is simply ludicrous, while boisterous atheists within the scientific community actively echo the accusation. This atheistic sentiment is readily apparent throughout an article published by the Los Angeles Times, … Continued

Resurrection Under Attack: Refuting the Hallucination Hypothesis

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Introduction Since the crucifixion of Jesus, opponents of Christianity have directly criticized the religion’s foundation, attempting to belie the historicity of Christ’s physical resurrection. Aiming to nullify Christianity and confute the prospect of supernatural intervention or divine involvement, skeptics and … Continued

Worldview in Question: Identifying the Folly of Kriya Yoga

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Introduction What do Mother Teresa, Richard Dawkins, and Jim Jones have in common? Each hold/held a worldview, which dictates their perception of reality, and thus assists in determining their actions. Philosopher Kenneth Richard Samples explains, “A person’s worldview supplies a … Continued