False Dichotomy: Faith vs Reason

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Introduction Anecdotally considering the meaning of faith, one recognizes the prevalent misconceptions that faith is either an epistemological category—where one receives divine knowledge, which is often contrary to human logic—or represents a fundamental lack of knowledge, resulting in blind adherence … Continued

Destructive Heresies: Modalism

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Introduction Contesting traditional Trinitarian doctrines, Modalistic Monarchianism (i.e., Modalism) offers a Unitarian theological framework, seeking to maintain a strict monotheism and eliminate any model postulating intra-Trinitarian distinctions within the Godhead. Despite receiving acceptance among contemporary organizations, modalistic interpretations represent a … Continued

Worldview in Question: Testing Secular Humanism

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Introduction Rampantly proliferating throughout academia, metaphysical naturalism presents a significant challenge to Christianity, as the mainstream culture blindly embraces naturalistic assumptions under the authority of science. Consequently, American society increasingly identifies traditional religions as outdated and culturally irrelevant, sparking an … Continued

When Atheists Attack: Responding to Michael Shermer

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Introduction Michael Shermer recently published an article titled, “What Would it Take to Prove the Resurrection?” in which he purportedly helps readers think about truth claims—mainly the Resurrection. This critique will show some of the fundamental flaws within Dr. Shermer’s … Continued

Facing the Facts: The Kalām Cosmological Argument

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Introduction Atheists often insist there is no evidence for the existence of God while maintaining religious faith is fundamentally irrational. This paper will examine the Kalām Cosmological Argument (KCA), demonstrating that it offers strong evidence for the existence of God, … Continued

Worldview in Question: Outlining the Christian Worldview

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Worldview Composition A comprehensive and well-thought-out worldview must address twelve topics about reality, including: 1)    Theology / Concept of God / Ultimate Reality: What kind of God, if any, actually exists? 2)    Metaphysics / External Reality: Is there … Continued

Supernatural Origin: Arguing for the Miraculous

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Introduction Skeptics, who maintain a naturalistic worldview, quickly reject the historicity of the gospel accounts because miracles appear within the narrative. Their a priori assumptions preclude supernatural occurrences, which severely limits their ability to analyze the narrative, thereby causing them … Continued

Cults in America: Mormonism

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Introduction In commencing the Olivet Discourse, Jesus provides a premonitory prophecy regarding the inevitable rise of false prophets/teachers (Matthew 24:3-5, 23-28). Similarly, in anticipation of his imminent martyrdom, Peter writes a final letter warning about false teachers and exhorting believers … Continued