Anti-intellectualism: A Negative Aspect of the Great Awakenings

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Unfortunately, many contemporary Americans regard faith as opposed to reason, choosing to believe that Christianity requires blind adherence to unfounded religious fairytales, rather than a calculated acceptance of reasonable proposition and historical events. Although competing worldviews may require and/or encourage … Continued

Destructive Heresies: Modalism

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Introduction Contesting traditional Trinitarian doctrines, Modalistic Monarchianism (i.e., Modalism) offers a Unitarian theological framework, seeking to maintain a strict monotheism and eliminate any model postulating intra-Trinitarian distinctions within the Godhead. Despite receiving acceptance among contemporary organizations, modalistic interpretations represent a … Continued

Destructive Heresies: Arianism

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Introduction Challenging orthodox traditions, Arianism sought to abate Jesus of His divinity, rendering the Arian controversy a pivotal moment in the history of the Christian church. For this reason, Arianism often receives designation as the archetypal Christian deviation, a heresy … Continued