Fragile Logic: Examining White Fragility (Part 3)

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DiAngelo’s Broader Agenda: Division Not Unification It is strange how easily almost any Socialist writer can lash himself into frenzies of rage against the class to which, by birth or by adoption, he himself invariably belongs. —George Orwell, The Road … Continued

Fragile Logic: Examining White Fragility (Part 2)

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Establishing Race as the Epitome of an Individual’s Identity Considering the classic definition of racism, the logical first step in eradicating racial discrimination is to reaffirm the inherent value of all people, while simultaneously distancing ourselves from superficial differentiations—such as … Continued

Fragile Logic: Examining White Fragility (Part 1)

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Introduction Continuous protests and rioting across the nation have prompted many to reconsider the foundations of American civilization while examining interracial relations among the American populace. Unfortunately, mainstream media outlets and political activists appear to be exacerbating racial tensions, encouraging … Continued

Something from Nothing? Analyzing Stephen Hawking’s Argument against God

Recently, the scientific community began mourning the loss of Dr. Stephen Hawking, a brilliant man who made countless contributions to the area of cosmology and theoretical physics. Following his death, the Hawking estate published his final work Brief Answers to … Continued

Worldview in Question: Testing Secular Humanism

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Introduction Rampantly proliferating throughout academia, metaphysical naturalism presents a significant challenge to Christianity, as the mainstream culture blindly embraces naturalistic assumptions under the authority of science. Consequently, American society increasingly identifies traditional religions as outdated and culturally irrelevant, sparking an … Continued

Worldview in Question: Outlining the Islāmic Worldview

Worldview Composition A comprehensive and well-thought-out worldview must address twelve topics about reality, including: 1)    Theology / Concept of God / Ultimate Reality: What kind of God, if any, actually exists? 2)    Metaphysics / External Reality: Is there … Continued

Cults in America: Jehovah’s Witnesses

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Introduction Commencing the Olivet Discourse, Jesus provides a premonitory prophecy regarding the inevitable rise of false prophets/teachers (Matthew 24:3-5, 23-28). Similarly, in anticipation of his imminent martyrdom, Peter writes a final letter warning about false teachers and exhorting believers to … Continued

When Atheists Attack: Responding to Michael Shermer

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Introduction Michael Shermer recently published an article titled, “What Would it Take to Prove the Resurrection?” in which he purportedly helps readers think about truth claims—mainly the Resurrection. This critique will show some of the fundamental flaws within Dr. Shermer’s … Continued

Facing the Facts: The Kalām Cosmological Argument

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Introduction Atheists often insist there is no evidence for the existence of God while maintaining religious faith is fundamentally irrational. This paper will examine the Kalām Cosmological Argument (KCA), demonstrating that it offers strong evidence for the existence of God, … Continued